New features in online designer

Hello everyone! 

We have been really busy during last weeks working on the SewistCAD Api. This is a big step towards letting independent designers sell their patterns online in the way Lekala website is doing right now. We are now testing it on one of the websites, and I shall finish documentation and manuals once we have it all on track.

Meanwhile we have added new nice details to the printout - there are now scissor marks on the margins where they should be cut off, and the first page has a test square that lets you check scale both in cm and inches.

We also fixed a couple of bugs in cmtoin and intocm that were mainly to do with rounding up values.

There's also a new command recurve that I am not yet adding to the manual but find it really useful. This command lets you redraft a curve with the same angles and coefficients based on new points. For example, sometimes when you draft a princess seam one of the points gets moved further so that the length of the seam remains the same. After a point is moved, you may need to redraft a portion of the armhole. This can be simply done as recurve(front_armhole,startpoint,endpoint). In this syntax the length of the original curve will be preserved. If the length is not that important, you can add the fourth parameter and set it to 0, for example recurve(front_armhole,startpoint,endpoint,0).

We also added some more information to the pattern downloads page, listing the size and icons to downloadable svg and pdf files:

And continue working on the Orders page, that now list sewcoins that have been purchased, and file downloads for both pattern designer and pattern Wiz:

And Pattern Mix-and-Match Wiz files are in the second tab: