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Size measurements

In your pattern code, you can use the “sz” constants that define the value of a size measurement.

Using abstract reference to sizes enables you to create a single pattern code that will work across sizes with pinpoint accuracy. It allows the software to redraft patterns automatically for individual sizes based on a new set of size measurements, and it saves time on grading and ensures a great fit.

All size measurement variables consist of letters sz followed by the number of the size measurement, e.g. sz18 for waist girth. The full list and description of size measurement constants is available in documentation.

Size constants can be used in mathematical equations and used for calculating widths, heights, lengths etc.

They always return a numerical value, e.g. 46.599999.

Important: sz variables cannot be overrun in code, which means that you cannot create your own new variable named "sz18", etc.


upbalance=((sz44-sz43)-sz40)*1.1+1; // upper balance

For more information on the size measurement constants please see Size Guide and Anatomical and Anthropometric Landmarks.

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