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How do I list a pattern on Sewist?

If you'd like to list a pattern, please use this page:

Add a project

We were trying to make it as comprehensive as possible, so at start it might be a little overwhelming. No worries! You may add a initial listing, save it as draft, and return to editing it later - or we'll correct it eventually.

The easiest way if you would like us to do the job

1. Please mark the language of a pattern.
2. Mention code or name
3. Choose size group (e.g. Women) and choose at least one size from the list.
4. If the pattern is available online (official sites only please!) please provide the link to the website.

That's it! We'll have a look and add information that is really important. We might not mention all the categories and tags, but you may come back to the listing later and add some.

Adding your own design

All the above steps apply, but since you are the author of the design, you can do more.

Remember to select "Designed by me" in sources. This will enable you to add photos after the draft is saved.

If your pattern is on your online website, you can create a source linking to it. In tabs Published in please choose Website and enter website name and the url.
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