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Chatting around :) 5 posts, 3 writers, 40 readers, started 84 months ago

posted 84 months ago (Monday, December 28) by Nightlady
Yeah! i finally added all my projects I've done until now. Next step is adding the patterns, but I added most of them in the description.

How were your Holidays? Relaxed? Not so fine? Did you have time for sewing? Or maybe even get sewing supplies?

posted 84 months ago (Tuesday, December 29) by Mandy
Well done on getting that task done. I shall not be attempting that myself, limiting my projects here to those I have started since becoming a member. 
That may sound silly, but I managed to amass 119 projects on My Sewing Circle since first joining that group in May 2010............. That group seems to have all but slowed to a halt.
As for the holidays, they were very relaxed. The first time in 37 years when I haven't been responsible for the catering. My elder daughter was host this year. A superb job she made of it too with admirable assistance from her husband. Sadly, I couldn't get any sewing done, just knitting.
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posted 84 months ago (Tuesday, December 29) by Nightlady
Kniting is more easy for transport  :D 

posted 84 months ago (Wednesday, December 30) by Mandy
Very true. However, I do keep meaning to get some hand sewing projects together...... but these would be more in the way of embroidered pieces rather than anything quilted or for clothing.

posted 84 months ago (Sunday, January 3) by zibergirl
Hi ladies,
I just bought some supplies on sale at Craftsy. They have great sales on kits for making clothing, quilted projects and bags.  I've made so many clothing items over the years that I thought I might get back into quilting. I live in Northern CA and help out with the Sewist Site. I'm glad you have joined us!