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The hem can definitely be merged together.  if the lining hem is fused now there is no reason why it can 't be fused to shorten it. Make sure you are using the proper fusing product. I would recommend Sewkeys E - double sided fusible stay tape. It can be purchased at

We just took my daughter's wedding dress for alterations. I was planning to do the hem myself. The 2 layers of sheer tulle can just be cut to length, underneath lining is double layer knit that is fused together at the bottom. Since it won't show, I was thinking I could do a rolled hem with wooly nylon, but the seamstress said it wouldn't drape correctly. Can I just make another fused hem by cutting off the existing one, using something like Heat n Bond hem tape to fuse the layers together, then cut to the fused area? Or should I pay extra to have the professional do it? Also, does the whole hem need to be shortened, or can we just shorten the front and merge into the train at the sides?