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Pattern Drafting - Empleo publicado por gstennison. Tipo de empleo: Diseño de patrones. Precio de oferta: $10.00.
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publicado hace 73 meses (Thursday, May 26) por gstennison
This thread is to discuss Pattern Drafting -

publicado hace 72 meses (Friday, June 17), editado hace 72 meses por Lekala
Hello there,

I am now starting your pattern, just wanted to make sure that I get the pattern right :)

So we make it with bust darts, that are from the side seams as far as I can see in the pdf.

The zipper should be separable I guess, and I wonder if there are any standard sizes you are looking into, or is there a pattern I could round up that to - like every 2 inches?

The armhole is straight under the armpit, and there's one side piece, and then on the back there would be another princess seam going up to shoulder.

There are pockets in princess seams in the front, and the vest is lined.

The garment is semi fitted with much ease around hip and waist area, almost straight silhouette. 

I am going to add facings around neckline, but not around armholes. Lining in the back is the same size as the pieces from the main fabric, or would you like a fold to be done near neckline for ease?

I am also not sure about the fabric used for side pieces - and probably the whole back? - is it some kind of jersey, or not stretchy fabric?

publicado hace 72 meses (Friday, July 1) por gstennison
Hello Lekala - 

Thank you for your feedback and questions.

My measurements are bust: 49"
waist: 45"
hips: 52"
I am 5'll" in height and weigh 250 lbs

This is a photo of the front:

And a photo of the back:

I don't think there are any darts in the back of the garment.  I want to keep the straight line underneath the arm.  I want to use a lightweight wool and suede/ultrasuede for the vest.  I don't want any pockets in the pattern, as I don't want the added bulk.

Can you give me some instructions or hints about the best way to put the zipper in along with the lining?

Thank you so much!