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Pattern Drafting - Dress Maker's Custom Mannequin Pattern Job posted by lizzieartist. Job type: Patterns drafting. Price Offer: Volunteers needed.
Start date: Mar 31, 2017. 0 applications.
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posted 79 months ago (Friday, June 17) by lizzieartist
This thread is to discuss Pattern Drafting - Dress Maker's Custom Mannequin Pattern

posted 79 months ago (Monday, June 20) by Lekala
I am not applying for the pattern at the moment, but just wanted to leave a comment. :)

This is actually something that we are planning to offer at a later stage, but that part of project is linked with works now in process on the online 3d mannequin. There will also be the question of what apex points we would need to leave and how we make sure that they are protruding in the right places and the softness and stretchiness of fabric as a material doesn't deform the form once filled.

Thank you for the image with lingerie, looks really nice and this is something we could include as an option at a later stage.
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posted 75 months ago (Saturday, October 22) by lizzieartist
Oh, excellent! I just renewed the post, not realizing that there was a comment on it. I suppose it can be ignored then. Any idea of when it might be completed?

posted 74 months ago (Sunday, October 23) by Lekala
Well, @lizzieartistif it were just me, it would have happened yesterday, but as there are IT guys involved and some coding, I am hoping December.

At the moment we are finishing our first version of online sewing pattern designer, that is anthropometrically based.

That means that we've been successfully through the stages of analysing a lot of size standards, trying out the 3D mannequin, and understanding this can be done.

At the moment however our priority is the webware, that will let create patterns online. Like - no downloads, no expensive software, no what-is-even-out-there-for-Mac, just the browser. 
Just in case you are interested, I have recorded a couple of demonstrations last week and you can find them here:

We estimate we would be ready to launch the first version in December, and right after that we'll dive into the 3D mannequin. 

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posted 73 months ago (Wednesday, November 23) by alicc62
This would be revolutionary, I've spent years having to pad out dress forms in the areas I have little ample extras, rigging with bras to accommodate my 'gg' cup size & being trussed up in ducktape. Please bring this on :-D
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posted 73 months ago (Monday, November 28) by Lekala
We are almost there. I hope we will release the Online Pattern Design application in December.

Just in case you are interested, I am posting the updates here:

posted 72 months ago (Thursday, December 22) by lizzieartist
@alicc62, I know what you mean, only I'm on the other end (5' and only 98lbs on a good day, and weight allocation which dress-making mannequins seem to disagree with). Not being able to find a mannequin small enough, I've tried making a body cast out of tape and so forth... but that just doesn't turn out strong or even enough, draping comes out crooked. Ugh, such a nightmare. I can't wait for this to be available so I can make my designs a reality... and make some clothes that actually fit.