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Confused with Design #109767 1 posts, 1 writers, 11 readers, started 7 months ago

posted 7 months ago (Wednesday, April 27) by WellerLake
I'm trying to make a 3 tiered gathered skirt. The instructions are telling me to gather the top edge of the bottom tier to 25' in length and then attach it to the middle tier but the middle tier is 50" in length because the pattern instructs you to cut this on a center fold. I cannot attach a 25" long piece to a 50" long piece without doubling up on the gathering which would be unusual. 

I think there is also an error with the pattern piece A - Front Upper Skirt - it doesn't show this piece as needing to be cut on a fold but it would have to be to create a full front piece.

Can anyone help me with this, please?