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Pattern Test - S3030 Sewist 3030 Job posted by Sewist. Job type: Patterns test. Price Offer: 5 made to measure sewing patterns of your choice.
Start date: Nov 5, 2017. Deadline: Nov 9, 2017. 3 applications.
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posted 62 months ago (Wednesday, November 1) by Sewist
This thread is to discuss Pattern Test - S3030 Sewist 3030
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posted 51 months ago (Saturday, September 29) by KatieLightheart
I completed this project and created a project page with photos and my review of it. That was 8 months ago, and I sent several messages regarding its completion. How come I haven't heard anything back?

posted 51 months ago (Monday, October 1) by Sewist
Hello Katie, I had a feeling that we sent all the certificates that were due, but some of the messages were sent to archive since. I shall issue another 5 pattern certificate and send it to your e-mail just in case. Thank you for helping with the test!

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posted 43 months ago (Tuesday, May 21) by SanTS

I know you posted this a long time ago but : do you still search for tester on this one ?
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posted 43 months ago (Wednesday, May 22) by Sewist

It has been tested already, looks like it didn't close on its own when it was due :) Thanks anyway, we will be posting more tests soon!