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Free PatternsYour favorite website for free sewing patterns? :)Deep in the bowels of this online website are several free patterns from Hot Patterns. Their patterns come with illustrated step-by-step instructions.  No registration necessary to download. If you want to more fashionable clothes design with discount price so johnsonplaid7 days ago
Free PatternsShare free patterns you've seen online!I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. johnsonplaid7 days ago
Help Sewist get better!No zip instructionsI downloaded Sewing Pattern #109428 Pants - Wide leg pants - Full length - No belt, side zipper - Straight hem - In-seam pockets. The instructions don't mention the zip at all. How are the pants meant to go on and off? Quite disappointing meggy222914 days ago
Fashion and StyleBuilding the pattern databaseAny plans to add new sleeve designs? I am looking for a long or 3/4 petal style sleeve. Thanks.awagnon061 months ago
Patterns and InstructionsDelete sizes marked as "error"Hello everyone, we are now looking into this, and will release several fixes shortly. The problem seemed to be temporary, but we will make sure it does not happen again. I have fixed all the 4 sizes, they should be available now, and the missing patterns as well. If anything is still missing, please send us an email at Sewist1 months ago
Patterns and InstructionsDelete sizes marked as "error"I've had this issue too, after making several preview patterns and getting errors on all of them, I figured out that the computer is switching the hip and full hip values. I don't know how to get around it because when you switch the values on the user end it gives you an error that the full hip should be larger than the hip.  It's a them problem not a you problemkschwarzzy1 months ago
Patterns and InstructionsDelete sizes marked as "error"I input new measurements into 'My Sizes' and it got marked as "error" instead of "complete". I tried to enter it again, but the same thing happened. I tried re-entering the original measurements that I was trying to replace, and it got marked as "error" too. I now have 4 sizes all marked as "error". I don't know what's going wrong and I can't find the option to ...j124561 months ago
Patterns and Instructionsmaking changes to sizesIs there a way to take an already created pattern, which has my custom saved size applied to it and modify some of the measurements within the saved size file? My problem is that the custom saved size I created is still too big in the upper chest area and I've tried modifying my custom saved size file, but it doesn't appear to be updating the changes--it's as if the ...juliarushing2 months ago
Free PatternsYour favorite website for free sewing patterns? :)Social sewing network Sewist is a helpful and friendly website for sewists all around the world. months ago
Patterns and InstructionsSaving fabric estimator layoutsI have to just say a massive thank you to all the work you've put in creating the fabric estimator. You've made me realise how much fabric I could save! I wondered if there is already, or if you would consider adding a feature whereby it would be possible to save the generated layout as a true-to-scale pdf that I could then project onto my fabric to assist with where ...Sazu2 months ago