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Which pattern making software do you use - if any? 10 posts, 8 writers, 268 readers, started 86 months ago

posted 85 months ago (Sunday, December 6) by MeMorgan
Use Garment Designer by Cochenille for some basic stuff 
For others (not me) It's quick for creating and printing a basic draft based on measurements and usually I'll manually manipulate for more complex details and shaping.

For myself I mostly use manual pattern drafting & manipulation based on personalised blocks.  (quick and easy to draw around a personal block (sloper) compared with print and taping pages together.

posted 84 months ago (Friday, January 22) by lkwetter
I just started drafting my own slopers. I found it maddening to have to keep redrawing my pants pattern every time I wanted to modify something, so finally, I marked off sections on my sloper, scanned it in sections, put the scans back together in Corel Draw, and then traced the sloper. It took a while, but now, I have it digitized and can make modifications very easily and more accurately.  It's also super easy to add seam allowances. It takes just a click. I just print it on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets using the printer tiling setting and tape the sheets together. I'm lazy. I just tape the sheets well and use that for my pattern for cutting out the fabric. (this probably won't work for delicate fabrics)  I store the printed patterns folded in big manila envelopes with a picture of the style drawn on the outside.

I love that Lekala offers DXF file formats. I can just import them into Corel Draw and add seam allowances and make any changes I want so easily.

posted 83 months ago (Wednesday, February 3) by Sewist
Lekala actually has a software that is behind the patterns, and there's even a possibility of drafting patterns in it against a tiny franchise payment per pattern.

I am not sure if that would be of interest, but I could start a thread about it in Lekala group.
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posted 83 months ago (Thursday, February 4) by Lillifix
That sounds amazing!:)
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posted 83 months ago (Saturday, February 6) by Sewist
I shall then open a thread in Lekala group and prepare some docs :)

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posted 83 months ago (Friday, February 12) by Catina
I would love that! I'm addicted to pattern making and pattern software!

posted 83 months ago (Tuesday, February 16), edited 83 months ago by Lekala
Thread opened and I made a couple of posts :) 

posted 79 months ago (Friday, May 27) by Sewist
I have also added a couple of video master classes re Sewist Online Designer (WIP) to this group: 

posted 30 months ago (Tuesday, June 9) by theqeffectz
I use Valetina Cad

posted 1 months ago (Tuesday, November 1), edited 1 months ago by Mithu
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