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528 words EN-FR for mix and match designer
Тип Перевод
Статус открыто
Предложение оплаты 1 LEKALA pattern + 5 SEWIST patterns ($13.50)
Перевод с языка Английский
Требуемый язык Французский
Заявки до 27 янв. 2021 г.
Начало 30 янв. 2021 г.
Дата сдачи 13 февр. 2021 г.
- Sew side seams of back and front top edge facings. Serge the lower edge of the facing. - Pin facing onto Shell right sides together, adjusting neckline edges. Insert the front straps according to the markings. Fold the facing away all the way along EXCEPT for the area 5 mm from the edge of dress zipper and pin it to upper edge of garment. Fold seam allowances along zipper onto right side and pin to neckline on top of facings. - Sew the top edge continuously. Clip into curves, turn pieces right side out and press. - Put on garment, adjust length of straps, serge lower edges and fasten them to back facing. - Slipstitch the facing to the seam allowances along the side edges. Slipstitch facing to zipper tape.

(77) - Sew a gathering stitch along the upper edge of the Lower Back Skirts and gather fullness. The desired length is mentioned on the top of the pattern block. - Sew Lower Back Skirts to Upper Back Skirts, serge and press towards top.Treat as one piece (Back Skirts) in the future.

(78) - Sew a gathering stitch along the upper edge of the Lower Front Skirt and gather fullness. The desired length is mentioned on the top of the pattern block. - Sew Lower Front Skirt to Upper Front Skirt, serge and press towards top. Treat as one piece (Front Skirt) in the future.

(79) Sew a gathering stitch along upper edge of cuff and gather fullness. Sew upper edge of cuff to lower edge of sleeve. Serge and press towards sleeve. Sew sleeves into armholes, adjusting ease and matching notches.

(80) ZIPPER: Pin fronts right sides together, sew center front seam from notch mark to 2 cm above inner leg seam. Press the zipper closure one-piece facing onto wrong side. Sew the zipper under the allowance edge (left edge) along the edge. Sew free zipper tape to right edge, to one-piece facing. Fold the button catch along the center, then sew it along upper and lower short edges. Topstitch the zipper closure one-piece facing on the button catch on the left part of the garment. Topstitch the slit right edge catching the facing.

(81) Serge the crotch edges of the front and back pants separately. Place one pant leg into the other pant leg, right sides together. Sew the center crotch. Press seam allowance apart, to crotch curve.

(82) Fold the waistband along the center, right side together, then sew front ends. Turn the waistband right side out. Sew outer waistband edge to outer upper edge of garment, right sides together, with the extended part for button on left. Turn seam allowance under on the inner side of waistband and topstitch in the ditch along the joining seam from the right side.

(83) Serge inseam edges of fronts and backs separately. Ease in the inner edge of the back pants to match the front seam on the area from the crotch corner to the knee marking, using a steam iron. Pin one front and one back right sides together. Sew inner leg seam. Press seam allowances apart. Repeat for the other side.
Описание Please see the text to be translated above.
The deadlines are approximate - we shall send the gift certificates immediately after the translation is submitted ;)
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