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Solicitud de patrones de costura en el modo PRO de Sewist CAD

PRO mode allows preview of the pattern in various sizes, control the layout of pattern blocks on paper, estimate yardage, download spec sheets, etc. 

It is only available for registered users at You first need to purchase to use the PRO mode.

To access the PRO mode please click the dark button on the left. This section also shows the cost of the pattern in sewcoins and the current balance of sewcoins in your account.

Selecting your size

  • Select a new size by clicking the button 
  • The RTW sizes are available on the first tab. On the second tab you can browse through the ISO sizes accepted in Russia. 

  • On the third tab, you can access your saved sizes:
  • To manage personal sizes, click here. When the size is processed, reload the page and the size will appear on the third tab of Sizes menu.

Paper format and number of sheets

  • Choose the preferred paper format from the menu on the right. The layout will be updated for the new paper format.
  • Click  to create an optimal marker layout automatically.
  • Right-click, hold and drag pattern blocks to rearrange them, in order to use paper more economically.
  • Use buttons     to add rows or columns of sheets. Use button  to delete unused pages.

Tricks and tweaks

  • To print pattern without seam allowances, click button 
  • To highlight the pattern blocks in color click . The pattern will still be exported in black-and-white variant to PDF.
  • If you wish to print a version with overlapped pattern blocks - so that you can print less pages and trace pieces later - click button  and drag pieces as you wish.
  • Click  to activate ruler and then click 2 times on the screen to measure distance between the points.
  • Click  to download specifications sheet,  to download sewing instructions and  to download the full list of the current size measurements.
  • To delete unwanted pattern blocks, click a pattern to select it and then click . To reload original pattern, click .
  • Click  to estimate the required amount of fabric.

Ordering a pattern

When you are happy with the pattern blocks layout, click button Generate PDF file on the right. The corresponding amount of sewcoins will be taken from your account and the button will become inactive to prevent duplicated orders for the same size and order.

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