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Lunch Bag

About this project
Name Lunch Bag
Status finished
Recipient First Paul then me
Size Sized to fit my container
Started Mar 5, 2023
Completed Mar 12, 2023
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
The first trial was for Paul. I made that entirely from OtterTex Canvas. 
I made some changes for mine including measurements and pockets. 

I used 10 oz cotton duck for the outside. Color pewter.  Fabrics Wholesale Direct
I had some leftover medium weight cotton for accents. 
The inside is made from Otter Tex waterproof canvas.  Fabrics Wholesale Direct

The is a cargo pocket on the inside and a slot for cutlery.

I measured the container that I like to use to bring my lunch to work and made the bottom large enough to fit it. 

I thought of an easier way to put it together next time. 
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