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Baby Pumphose und Shirt
Status open
Price Offer €1.00
Apply By Mar 18, 2019
Start Mar 18, 2019
This pattern is to be used exclusively by me No
I would prefer this pattern to be automatically drafted for custom size measurements No

von 56 bis 104 in doppelgrößen

Bitte um Angebot unterbreitung

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Created: Mar 18, 2019
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Pattern Drafting - Baby Pumphose und Shirt Job posted by ostsee. Job type: Patterns drafting. Price Offer: €1.00.
Start date: Mar 18, 2019. 0 applications.
1 posts, 1 writers, 28 readers, started 39 months ago

posted 39 months ago (Monday, March 18) by ostsee
This thread is to discuss Pattern Drafting - Baby Pumphose und Shirt