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Terms of use for Sewist sellers

Sewist is a great place to sell your patterns, supplies, kits and classes to thousands of users looking for new crafts projects to try.

Multiple shops and brands: You may open several shops under one account. To claim the right to sell patterns that have been listed for your brand by other Sewist members, please write an e-mail to

Payment options: You may accept payments by PayPal. In order to activate the PayPal in your shop, please see the last tab in the Shop settings. You will need to mention the email and the three APU keys, that are available in your PayPal account. All transactions will be payable directly to your PayPal account.

Currencies: You may list your items in various currencies. They will be converted to USD before checkout. All fees that appear on your Sewist bill are in USD. If you list items in a currency other than USD, your item price will be converted to USD for purposes of calculating the transaction fee.

Fees Overview: There are no fees for opening a shop or list an item on Sewist.
No commissions will be applied for selling free patterns, either made to measure through the Sewist CAD system, or your own uploaded files.
Once you sell your item, a moderate commission will be applied.

  • Made to measure patterns through Sewist CAD - 0.50 USD per pattern.
  • All other patterns - 5%, but not less than 0.20 USD per pattern.
This percentage does not apply to the shipping cost or tax. Transaction fees will appear on your monthly Sewist bill.

Taxes You are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through Sewist website, including the new European taxes (VAT MOSS) on sales of digital products.

Note on threshold: At the moment, people selling goods across national boundaries have a distance-selling threshold of either €35,000 or €100,000 (depending on the country they sell into) before having to register for VAT in that country.
Note on customized products and made-to-measure patterns: if the product is different for each customer (eg bespoke logos, customised templates, PDF documents written especially for them), then that counts as more than minimal intervention and VAT MOSS is not applicable.
The information re VAT MOSS is provided to the best of our knowledge. Sewist holds no responsibility for the taxes applicable to your specific business and strongly advises to consult a tax authority in your country.