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Meet Sewist Team

Natalia Demakova sewist
Natalia is the creative mind behind Sewist. After successful careers with various international companies, Natalia turned to her lifetime passion of sewing and crafting and teamed up with Lekala. Later on she moved on to Sewist CAD project to create a state-of-art online 3D CAD apparel pattern design software. She has a degree from Institute of Management in London in Project Management in Information Technology Industry and a degree in linguistics from Moscow State University, speaking five languages. She is excited about the creation of Sewist and it’s potential to bring together a community of textile artist or all skill levels and interests.

Oleg Demakov A certified programmer and database designer, Oleg has worked for top IT companies since 2001.
He is the person behind the code and the servers.
Oleg has invaluable experience writing code for an international social network with billions of users. This experience has led to his work being of the highest quality with expertise in security standards.

Dmitry Kovalev Dmitry has been with us since 2010. He is a man of the most unusual ability that you might find in a programmer. However ridiculous, challenging, or unmanageable a task may seem, he is the one to stay cool and deliver a user-friendly solution as quickly as possible.

Lena Kovalyova Lena is from Poltava, Ukraine and has been helping us since 2012. She has a degree in graphic design and architecture from Poltava National Technical University and has been a wonderful help with vector design and illustrations for Sewist. She is also the author of Lekala logo and vector files for online design application.

Irina Bezzubova Irina joined us in 2015 and is overseeing the Sewist pattern library, keeping it updated with the latest patterns, books, and magazine issues. Apart from the busy work, she is a creative idea person that comes up with new features and innovative ideas to continuously improve Sewist.

Elena Starodubtseva Elena, one of our customer support experts, and English translators for Lekala Sewing Patterns, has been with us since 2012. She is a true expert when it comes to made-to-measure patterns. She is responsible for adding the patterns to the Sewist library.