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Sobey's Wedding Dress
Status open
Price Offer $20.00
Apply By Aug 23, 2020
Start Aug 23, 2020
Finish Sep 2, 2020
This pattern is to be used exclusively by me Yes
I would prefer this pattern to be automatically drafted for custom size measurements No


Hi there! I'm looking for help. I want to make my own wedding dress and I know what I want but not how to create a pattern for it. I'm trying to piece together several other dresses to form the idea. I'm hoping someone can help me make my dream come true. This is my first time trying this site so I'm not sure how it'll go. The first image is the bodice, then the skirt, then the idea for a cape, and lastly the sleeves.

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Created: Aug 23, 2020
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Aug 27, 2020, 8:37 AM
Pattern Drafting - Sobey's Wedding Dress Job posted by vsobey. Job type: Patterns drafting. Price Offer: $20.00.
Start date: Aug 23, 2020. Deadline: Sep 2, 2020. 1 applications.
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posted 24 months ago (Sunday, August 23) by vsobey
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