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Inverted pleat dress
Status open
Price Offer $5.00
Apply By May 2, 2016
Start May 2, 2016
Finish May 31, 2016
This pattern is to be used exclusively by me Yes
I would prefer this pattern to be automatically drafted for custom size measurements No

Height:165 Bust: 80 Underbust: 74 Waist: 65 hip:94

I have seen this dress in a window shop and i was in love. I searched all lekala patterns and found nothing similar. 

It has princess seams and NO waist cut. 
Waistline it is shaped with pleats. 
Upper front part is cut in the middle, but the seam doesn't continue onto the pleat down on the skirt. Please help.

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Created: May 2, 2016
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Pattern Drafting - Inverted pleat dress Job posted by alexandra. Job type: Patterns drafting. Price Offer: $5.00.
Start date: May 2, 2016. Deadline: May 31, 2016. 0 applications.
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posted 70 months ago (Monday, May 2) by alexandra
This thread is to discuss Pattern Drafting - Inverted pleat dress

posted 70 months ago (Tuesday, May 3), edited 70 months ago by Lekala
Hello Alexandra,

The dress does have center front seam and center back seam right? 

Also, it=t's not as if the pleats would go all the way up and ironed flat, the pleats would only start at the end of the princess seam and the bulk is slipstitched to the lining?