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Pattern Review | 5017 Short Waistcoat
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Lekala patterns are normally a joy to work with, so I don't quite know what went wrong with this one.

This is (or ought to be) a fairly simple pattern, with only 5 pattern pieces - so when the instructions gave cutting instructions for 6 pieces that was the first indiction that things might be a little off. I contacted Lekala to let them know about this, so hopefully that will be resolved soon.

The same pattern pieces are used to cut out the lining pieces and the outer pieces, which means that the back lining pieces don't fit properly unless you re-cut them to take account of the back neck facing.

The instructions for fitting the lining to the waistcoat weren't great - if it's not something you've done before then may be a more useful resource.

The technical diagram shows a reasonable amount of waist shaping, which wasn't present in the pattern itself, and it does seem to have more ease than I would have expected as most Lekala patterns are fairly close-fitted. In short, a bit of a disappointment.

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Jan 28, 2019