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Where are you from? 11 posts, 11 writers, 88 readers, started 82 months ago

posted 82 months ago (Thursday, February 25) by Lillifix
It would be fun to know where you are all from? I am from Norway. My town is called Ålesund, and is located on the west coast of Norway. Sadly, there are not so many fabric stores here, but the selection of Norwegian websites who sell fabrics have increased a lot. Sewing in general is a growing trend here. Especially sewing for children in knit fabrics has become popular here. 
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posted 82 months ago (Thursday, February 25) by Nightlady
Hi :) I am from Germany, Ilmenau in Thuringia. Sewing is a big trend here, too. 

posted 82 months ago (Thursday, February 25) by Mandy
Hello, I'm Mandy from the UK. I am very lucky to have a wonderful market stall and also a sewing shop in the next town. Apart from the two sources I have mentioned, there are not very many fabric stores and I have to travel quite a distance for more special fabrics.

posted 82 months ago (Monday, March 21) by lisagreenhall
I am Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.  I live on Vancouver Island and love to sew and learn.  Looking forward to learning from you all.

posted 82 months ago (Tuesday, March 22) by HappyBabyBat
I am from St. Louis Missouri, USA. Its a pleasure to be here!

posted 73 months ago (Friday, December 16) by sewingbear
Hello! I am originally from Canada (Vancouver and Winnipeg). However, now I reside in Massachusetts, USA. It's great to find this space!

posted 72 months ago (Wednesday, December 21) by Funkyhenknits
Hi all, I'm from Winnipeg Canada. 

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posted 70 months ago (Sunday, February 19) by FashionDreams
Hello Lillifix!  I know you posted 12 months ago, however, I will take the time to reply and when you visit the chat room again you will see my post.   I viewed your country on google maps.  It looks gorgeous from the pictures; water and islands surround you.  So picturesque.  I bet the weather is absolutely beautiful during the summer months, but I can imagine that it's cold come winter.  I'm from Texas, U.S.A.  It's extremely hot here and our winters have been humid and very warm days.  We have had several cold days, but they are not lasting long.   It is wonderful place for small business though, and i found it quite easy to start a business here.    Its funny that say sewing for children in knit fabrics have become popular there; it's popular here as well.  I complain that several fabric stores have shut its doors permanently and that I have to travel a little ways to one that is available.  Maybe I shouldn't.  We still have several to choose from.  I will say also, I went to Los Angeles and went nuts in their fabric district.  It's amazing to see so many vendors with their fabric rolls lined up and down the sidewalks.  There are several blocks and all you see are vendors with fabrics... rolls and rolls of fabrics.  At least 100 vendors in storefronts!  Notions, fabrics... crazy.   It's a haven for sewists!!!!    I'm happy to be a creative person.... I feel its a gift very close to God.   "In the beginning, God created......."

posted 68 months ago (Saturday, May 6) by fuzzyslowmo
Hi I'm Jeanie from Hamilton, New Zealand. There are only around 3 - 5 stores dedicated to sewing supplies where I live. I love to thrift shop in second hand stores though to buy remnants for beginner craft projects. It is much cheaper than buying new and it get you thinking about how to improvise.

posted 68 months ago (Sunday, May 14) by jocelynlt
Hi everyone, I'm Jocelyn from Vancouver, Canada. Sewing has become much more popular here lately, though it is still definitely less popular than others. Fabric is quite expensive here due to a duty on fabric coming over the border, and shipping is costly too. 
I haven't been sewing long but I've been lucky my sister was around to teach me pattern alteration before she moved to Australia last year! I'm really short, and I use a wheelchair so learning to sew has been a great skill to make my clothes fit better and look better on me! I just heard about tonight, and I've always wanted a "Ravelry for sewing" - there are several in the making, it will be neat to see how it shakes out!

posted 9 months ago (Monday, March 14) by AndiCrew
Hello, my name is Andrew and I'm from St Albans, Australia. Where I reside, there are only about 3 - 5 sewing supply stores. However, I enjoy thrifting in secondhand stores to get scraps for beginner craft projects. It's lot less expensive than buying new, and it gets you thinking about ways to improve.