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identify this machine 3 posts, 3 writers, 23 readers, started 38 months ago

posted 38 months ago (Sunday, October 6) by Issa

Would anyone know what model this daughter has decided to take up sewing now that she is 1500 miles away...yesterday I managed to get her through threading it...but I am not sure our relationship can take much more than would help if I knew a bit about her machine...and if we could get past calling things things!

posted 22 months ago (Thursday, February 25) by jessicajoe348
No dear I dont have any idea about this machine, but yeah you can get info about this machine from company's official site.

posted 9 months ago (Wednesday, March 2) by AndiCrew
It was most likely

Memory Craft 300E by Janome

Please correct me if I'm wrong.