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How old is your sewing machine? 30 posts, 27 writers, 176 readers, started 86 months ago

posted 86 months ago (Sunday, November 1) by Sewist
I have three sewing machines, two ones are rather new brands, but then there is a monster my mother used to sew when she was at school - and it's still the most reliable one!
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posted 86 months ago (Sunday, November 1) by Laurpud
I bought mine in 2000, a White Jeans Machine. It's actually pretty terrible on jeans

posted 86 months ago (Tuesday, November 3) by icebeauty
Less than one year. I got my baby in january of this year.

posted 86 months ago (Wednesday, November 4) by catbe
Mine is I think almost twenty years old which is crazy. It is a Janome and, other than it does not back stitch anymore, it is so reliable which makes me so happy. I also have a really old Singer (maybe from the 50s? guessing...) that was my aunts that is not un-boxed and I have no idea the last time it was used.

posted 86 months ago (Thursday, November 5) by cosmikation
I mentioned my machine in the "Introduce yourself" forum, but I don't mind singing it's praises again: I bought a Sears Kenmore in 1982 and this is the only machine I have ever owned. For the past ten years, I pretty much sew every day or at least five days a week, and this machine has never needed any attention aside from being oiled twice a year and needing a light bulb that blew out last year. The light bulb lasted 32 years!  I have daydreamed about getting a new machine, but nearly every review I have ever read always included someone who said that all the new machines are made of plastic and that if you have an old-fashioned metal machine, to keep it. Mine is all sturdy metal. It is just so reliable! It does anything I ask it to do, sewing everything from chiffon to leather. I love my sewing machine as if it were a pet.

posted 86 months ago (Friday, November 6) by diamondheart90
My mom got me my first sewing machine for Christmas in 2013. It was a Singer Vivo.  I am now getting a new one!  Still trying to decide!

posted 86 months ago (Thursday, November 12) by Manuela_in_Hong_Kong
My main machine is a Singer Featherweight from 1955 (named Bella), for buttonholes I use a very basic Singer 8280 (bought in 2008, named Little Workhorse) with a Singer Professional Buttonholer (a little marvel of mechanical engineering from the 70s) and for knits a basic entry level machine bought last year while on holiday in the UK at John Lewis (named Esmeralda the Pink - because it's pink).

posted 85 months ago (Friday, December 4) by sfshaza
My mother purchased my machine in 1985 - a Bernina 930. She passed a few years later and it became mine. It's  a great machine and I love it! My backup machine is a Janome Gem 760, which I purchased from another sewist who bought it new, but hadn't really used it. Finally, I have a 1950s-era Singer Featherweight that is, frankly, too pretty to use.  :)

posted 85 months ago (Tuesday, December 15) by Mandy
I have a total of four sewing machines and an overlocker (serger). The oldest of my machines currently lives with my eldest daughter who is learning to make curtains. This is a Viking bought back in 1979. My second machine was bought in 2000. This is now living with my younger daughter who makes her own upholstery covers and costumes for Comic conventions. It is a Husqvarna Lily 555. My current workhorse is a Brother Innovis 350 which I love dearly. This was bought in 2010. My fourth sewing machine is a Bernina 1010, bought second hand. It must be around 20 years old and is solidly reliable. It is my backup machine and comes into it's own when my Brother has let me down. This happened rather dramatically last year when I was desperately trying to add three 15m lengths of flounce to a black dress. Madness I know, but the dress was to be a flamenco costume for a drama group production. My serger had worked really hard edging all the flounce, but couldn't help me add it to a ready-made dress..... My dear Bernina pulled me through that rather stressful time, even though the pedal broke part way through. My husband repaired that for me. The Brother had to go in for repairs........ it had tried to eat a pin. Mea culpa!!!
Oh yes, my serger is a Husqvarna 910 which I have had since 2002 and don't use nearly enough.

posted 83 months ago (Wednesday, January 20), edited 83 months ago by sharoncoleman
I sew on a 1955 Bernina.  It is all metal and weighs a ton.  I call it the Swiss army tank.  I've used it since 1988 and will use it as long as I can.  I may get a serger down the line to sew knits.  I love older machines.  At a costume store I worked at, we still used a 1922 Singer.

posted 83 months ago (Friday, January 22) by lkwetter
My sewing machine is a Bernina that is about 38 years old that my husband bought me. I still love it and it still sews wonderfully. I started sewing heavy denim lately and began to worry about throwing the timing off eventually, so I am thinking of purchasing a 1950's or 1960's Sears Kenmore heavy duty all metal machine for sewing the heavy stuff. You can find them on Ebay.

posted 83 months ago (Saturday, January 23) by MariaLondon
I just moved to another city. So I'm choosing a new sewing machine. I think, I'll buy Juki, I like japan quality. Before that I was using my grandmom's very-very old machine (all metal, heavy, 20+ years old). But she also needs it, so I couldn't take it with me. 

posted 83 months ago (Sunday, January 24) by Lesley87
I have a two year old Brother sewing/embroidery machine, an Elna overlocker about ten years old but new to me waiting to learn how to use it, my Elna Air Electronic from 1980ish, My Jones about 28 yrs old, and a hand Jones converted to motor - very old! The last 3 need money spending on them though. Love my Brother.

posted 83 months ago (Monday, February 8) by Lillifix
I own three sewing machines. The "oldest" one is two years old. A janome dc 4030. I also have a Janome serger (644d). For my coverstitch I chose Brother, knowing this machine tend to have less temper than the coverstitch from Janome. I love all of my machines! Byting the different machines added a whole new level to my sewing. I love the professional look that I get using them :D

posted 81 months ago (Saturday, March 26) by konchog
My only sewing machine is a "Privileg" from my Grandma. It's around 30 years old and pretty heavy because it's all metal. I love it.

posted 80 months ago (Tuesday, May 17) by Nightlady
New, oh sooo new :D got a Janome 4120 QCD for my 30th birthday on last thursday :D And I love it!!!
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posted 80 months ago (Wednesday, May 18) by Lekala
Congratulations on your new sewing machine!

And many happy returnings of the day :)

posted 79 months ago (Saturday, May 21) by jzygayle
Depends on the machine.  I have 2 Singer treadles (a 27 and a 66) that are each over 100 years old, and a Singer 99 in a 3/4 sized treadle that was made in 91?   I have a Tweety bird yellow straight stitch machine from the 60s and a tiny Kenmore electric chain stitch machine from the 40s.  I have an LBOW (light beige on white) Singer 301A that I found at an estate sale for $35 and a black longed 301A that I bought off Ebay for $50. I have my Kenmore 1570 from 1979, and my Kenmore 16821 from 2002(ish) (I could be wrong; I bought it from Overstock when Sears decided to get the Kenmore name off of sewing machines).  I also have a Pfaff Creative Performance that will be 3 years old in July and a Babylock Lyric I bought last January.

posted 79 months ago (Friday, May 27) by Sewist
Over 100 years old? I'd really love to see the photos...

The oldest sewing machine that I have at home is the one that belonged to my mother and I believe it is just some 45 years old or so. I still really appreciate the design and the way it was made to battle through ages and meters of fabric without skipping a beat.

posted 79 months ago (Tuesday, May 31), edited 79 months ago by Samantha1983
My sewing machine is not even half a year old - I started sewing when I got (at last) a sewing machine as a Easter present this year :-)

posted 79 months ago (Saturday, June 4) by Yaffle
My sewing machine is a year old, and it's a budget model Singer.
My serger is 6 months old, and I spent a bit more on it. It's still small potatoes in the grand scheme of what people will spend on machines (I'd LOVE to have 3,000 to spend on a machine, but uhhmmm car loans! Student loans!) but for me it was a big spend at $350.  I love, love, love it and it's made a huge difference to speeding up my sewing and general happiness by making the part I don't like (seam finishes) much quicker and easier for most projects.

posted 77 months ago (Wednesday, July 20) by PurpleMagpie
My oldest machine is a black and gold Singer, manual, with a bullet shaped bobbin. From the serial number it was made in the UK in early 1906.

posted 76 months ago (Monday, August 29) by Mimibannjos
Hi everyone, I'm new to the website.  I have a Singer Slant O Matic 401A.  I believe it was made in 1952?  It sews so amazing and I wouldn't consider any other.  My mother in law gave it to me about 15 years ago.  She bought it the year my husband was BORN!

posted 76 months ago (Tuesday, August 30) by Mandy
What an amazing machine, Mimibannjos. Reading all the posts on here, there are several elderly machines with loving owners still giving loyal service many many years after they were built. 

posted 73 months ago (Wednesday, November 23) by alicc62
My first machine was a basic Singer, traded that in in 1986 for a Riccar, which has served me well for 30 years, but have this year treated myself to a new Singer Heavy Duty, preferring this model for it's stitch speed. I have an overlocker too, but it doesn't get very much use.  I learnt to sew on my mum's Singer, a basic swing needle, in the early 70's, she had this machine in her late 20's & only changed it around 20 years ago after over 40 years.