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Lekala patterns

71 months ago 41 members
Costureras de Habla Hispana

Bien Venidos! Unirse y presentarse! Es Un grupo para ...

71 months ago 5 members
USA and all Spanish speaking countries
Society for Creative Anachronism

A group for amateaur historians, historical reenactors and ...

71 months ago 10 members
Belgian Sewists

Come from Belgium? Live in Belgium? Curious about Belgium? ...

71 months ago 4 members
Tatting on Sewist

A group for tatters here on Sewist!

71 months ago 5 members
Nalbinding on Sewist

A group for nalbinders on Sewist!

71 months ago 3 members
Hand Sewers

A group for hand sewers!

72 months ago 13 members
Weaving on Sewist

A group for weavers.

72 months ago 10 members
Crochet on Sewist
This is the place on Sewist for all crocheters to hang!

72 months ago 8 members
Knitting on Sewist

Welcome to the first group for knitting here on Sewist! ...

72 months ago 19 members

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