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Line (Punkt, Punkt)

In the previous lessons we have successfully placed a lot of points for our skirt pattern. We can now start connecting them with curves and lines.

Let's draft center back, center front and back and front hem.

Just in case, here's documentation on line command, and a YouTube video about lines - but it's a simple command. Just name your line, and mention two points:

front_hem = line(l1,l)
back_hem = line(l,l2)
center_front = line(w1,l1)
center_back = line(l2,w2)

I always try to draft objects in such a way that they go clockwise around a pattern, hence the direction of the lines above. However, it is not necessary, just a little bit more convenient for tracing pattern blocks.

Here's the result (170/92/100 cm for height/bust/hips):

I hovered one of the lines to demonstrate the lengths and the angles of the line object.

And just to compensate us for a long lesson, let's preview this pattern for 164/148/156 cm (height/bust/hips):

Isn't it great to have a pattern that doesn't need to be graded and gets redrafted to an individual size on a click? Stay with us, we are proceeding to curves!

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