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Small Printout

small printout
Sewist offers an option to print out a small preview of a pattern, so that you can glue a mini garment together and estimate your design decisions.

This feature will work only after you have traced your pattern pieces. 

To generate a PDF file for small printout, please click the small printout button in the top panel.

The generated PDF will have format A4 and will have all the pattern blocks, colored as described, featuring all included marks, texts and lines. There will be as many pattern blocks as you have to cut out from fabric. The pieces that are described using fold will be printed as whole symmetrical pieces.

Why mini paper garments? 

Firstly, this helps you to estimate the style lines and the balance and proportions of your future garment - even before you print out the whole full-sized pattern and touch your muslin.

Secondly, paper is much less forgiving than fabric and it will clearly show non matching edges, wrong apexes, insufficient flare etc etc.

Thirdly, it is a convenient way to check if you mentioned the quantity of all pieces correctly, and in all types of fabric.

And the last but not the least - having a collection of mini garments looking professional is fun and a good advertising idea to show you WIPs.


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