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Cómo rotar un patrón de costura

While making a skirt pattern you may decide to draft a rectangular waistband.

I have done so in my pattern, but when I was preparing a printout file I noticed that this block didn't let me do it in an economical way. For some sizes, the pattern block for waistband is just a bit more than the sheets width and thus adds a whole column of A4 sheets to the printout.

I would have to build the whole layout based on this rectangular waistband, and it doesn't leave me many options.

I believe I could do better if the waistband was placed vertically, so I shall rotate it:


In this code, waistband is the name of the pattern block, and b1 is one of it's points. This code rotates the whole block clockwise by 90 degrees - including all marks, grain lines, texts, etc.

We can now place the pattern block in the spare space above the pleated details and save on paper:

By rotating this block, we saved 5 sheets or 20% of the paper required!

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