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How to download sewing patterns online at

The usual pattern download kit contains the following files:

- Pattern in SVG format

This file does not contain the lines that mark the edges or the margins of the pages, just the pattern blocks and the control square. 
You may import it into the software of your liking:

- Pattern in the selected PDF format

Usually a multiple page file that can be printed out, cut and used for sewing the garment.

- PDF Readme file

Contains the layout chart of all pages in the PDF file. 

- Specification sheet

The specification sheet contains information on the fabric consumption, size measurements and selected specifications such as ease, etc.

- Sewing instructions

Sewing instructions are provided as PDF files, currently available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
They are also available before the order.

- Technical drawing of the garment in SVG vector format

- The full list of size measurements for the selected size in PDF format

Free pattern previews contain a PDF file with the outline of the pattern blocks on a 10x10 cm grid. You may also download instructions and estimate fabric length for these orders.

Sometimes the emails may get into spam or get blocked by your server. In this case, you have two further options:

Registered users

Registered users may download the patterns from the Order history on our website.

Please go to My orders and select the pattern you want to download. 

Some files are available for download directly from the patterns' list:

The full list of files is available on the pattern order page:

Guest orders

If you ordered as a guest, you may retrieve your pattern using a temporary download link (the order number and your email are required).

Please go to the page Download my pattern and enter the email address you used when ordering the pattern and the order number.

You may find this number in the payment confirmation sent to you by PayPal or Stripe.

Example of a PayPal confirmation:

Example of a Stripe confirmation:

Please use this 5-digit number to retrieve your order.

The system will generate a link that is valid for 30 minutes, where you can download all the pattern files:

In case the system is not able to find your order using this form, it is possible that there was a typo in the email address, or a technical issue. Please email us at and mention the order number. We shall get back to you within one business day and offer a solution.

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