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Sewist CAD is the #1 fully functional online sewing pattern drafting CAD. It doesn’t require download and stores all patterns in the cloud, available to registered users.  Sewist CAD uses size measurements to draft a pattern, and depending on the size measurements the pattern will change. A set of ... read more →

We have created a new Facebook group to help you with any questions you might have with Sewist CAD designer.  The direct link is here: https://www. facebook. com/groups/sewist/If you have run into any problems with coding your patterns, I'd be most happy to help! read more →

Great news! Sewist CAD software was granted a patent in interactive clothing design! read more →

Hello everyone! We have been really busy during last weeks working on the SewistCAD Api. This is a big step towards letting independent designers sell their patterns online in the way Lekala website is doing right now. We are now testing it on one of the websites, and I shall finish documentation ... read more →

The school vacations being over, we are fully back on track. This week adds-on to the system - the functions cmtoin and intocm. As their names imply, they help you to convert values from cm to in and from in to cm.  We also fixed a bunch of various bugs over the last two weeks, mainly working on ... read more →

The system being ready, we are starting to offer our patterns for sale in our Etsy shop. You can check them out here - https://www. etsy. com/shop/TipTopFit/All Sewist patterns are available for immediate download in S, M, L and XL - and we'll be happy to customize to your very own personal size free ... read more →

We are happy to announce release of Version 0. 3 of Sewist Online Pattern Designer. New features added:- The pattern blocks may now be printed out not only in default black, but in any other chosen color. Use parameter “outline” in pattern command. - You can now use dotted line to style your lines, ... read more →

It's Monday and here's a new version release for you. New features added:Allowed export of pattern files to general public.  View pattern blocks with or without seam allowances, names of blocks and grain lines - both in editor and print preview.  Added a color version of print preview that can be ... read more →

Sewist is an online parametric pattern design system that might seem unusual in the beginning. It is based on a pattern scenario, as a sequence of steps, rather than on visual tools placing points and lines. Since it is parametric and is based on anthropometric measurements, it allows to obtain ... read more →

A big welcome to all the new members! We hope you have a fun and rewarding experience as a member of Sewist! Summer is almost here!  The flowers are blooming and trees are budding! The days are longer (here in California) so there is more time to sew and enjoy the outdoors.   My quilting ... read more →