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Create your perfect dress now and download a made to measure sewing pattern in PDF+SVG at just $0. 99. Additional sizes are just $0. 50! read more →

Dear All,We are now working on an additional format - the Wide PDF that will be sent along with all the orders free of charge. You may have noticed that we are already sending a wide SVG along with every order, free of charge, 30 inches wide unless there are pattern blocks that are larger. After the ... read more →

Hi everyone,This week we concentrated on improving our mix-and-match designer. Here's a list of some things that were introduced: MIX AND MATCH DESIGN PAGE First of all, we improved the loading time a lot (!) for both existing and newly created designs. 1) On the design's page, the forms for a ... read more →

Get yours now in Online Designer at https://www. sewist. com/editor/mix read more →

Sewist CAD is the #1 fully functional online sewing pattern drafting CAD. It doesn’t require download and stores all patterns in the cloud, available to registered users.  Sewist CAD uses size measurements to draft a pattern, and depending on the size measurements the pattern will change. A set of ... read more →

We have created a new Facebook group to help you with any questions you might have with Sewist CAD designer.  The direct link is here: https://www. facebook. com/groups/sewist/If you have run into any problems with coding your patterns, I'd be most happy to help! read more →

Great news! Sewist CAD software was granted a patent in interactive clothing design! read more →

Hello everyone! We have been really busy during last weeks working on the SewistCAD Api. This is a big step towards letting independent designers sell their patterns online in the way Lekala website is doing right now. We are now testing it on one of the websites, and I shall finish documentation ... read more →

The school vacations being over, we are fully back on track. This week adds-on to the system - the functions cmtoin and intocm. As their names imply, they help you to convert values from cm to in and from in to cm.  We also fixed a bunch of various bugs over the last two weeks, mainly working on ... read more →

The system being ready, we are starting to offer our patterns for sale in our Etsy shop. You can check them out here - https://www. etsy. com/shop/TipTopFit/All Sewist patterns are available for immediate download in S, M, L and XL - and we'll be happy to customize to your very own personal size free ... read more →