Sewist CAD - the #1 online sewing pattern drafting CAD

Sewist CAD is the #1 fully functional online sewing pattern drafting CAD. It doesn’t require download and stores all patterns in the cloud, available to registered users. 

Sewist CAD uses size measurements to draft a pattern, and depending on the size measurements the pattern will change. A set of personal measurements can be generated on the basis of the main size measurements, and further edited for more precision. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD uses tools that allow to draft a parametric pattern and change any step of drafting, that will result in changing the pattern. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers innovative pattern drafting tools that allow to adjust length of seams, control the shape of a curve by choosing cubical or quadratic Bezier, redraft elements after changing control points, optionally keeping the same length or choosing another one, program dependencies such as number of darts based on shape, textual markings on pattern pieces, etc. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers further operation with pattern blocks, e.g. mirroring an asymmetrical pattern block to be faced on the wrong side of the fabric, rotating a complete pattern block to match the grain lines, adjusting a pattern block for use on another type of fabric, etc, with all graphical elements being updated with accuracy and precision. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers extensive fabric settings for pattern blocks, allowing to encounter for patterns to be cut from different fabrics, and eliminating the need to copy pattern blocks manually if they need to be used more than once on fabric layout or for another fabric. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers templates, i.e. pre-saved basic blocks or pieces of pattern scripts responsible for a certain operation, that allow to create a library of one’s drafting method and optionally share them with other users or one’s team with the help of integrated tools. (LIVE) 

The said templates can also be used on the Sewist CAD selling platform, either within the pattern editor or through other pattern selling options, such as personal shops, other users’ patterns - or via hierarchical mix-and-match pattern wizards. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD features extensive tools for managing one’s pattern library, including storing them by size group and category, and privacy settings, that allow/limit viewing the pattern script, exporting patterns, using one’s basic construction as a template for further use by others. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers unlimited color options, available for pattern blocks background, outline of pattern blocks on print (e.g. lining, interfacing), etc. (LIVE) Sewist CAD has integrated selling platform, that allows to sell the patterns based on one’s pattern script in one’s personal store. The store look, policies and texts are fully customisable. The pattern descriptions, features and visuals are managed by the seller. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD features a customisable printout of pattern blocks, including changing their position on the sheet, overlapping, rotating and deleting pattern blocks, printing in color or in black and white. Pattern blocks can be printed on paper of various size, and on multiple pages. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers export of graphical pattern blocks to several formats for further use in other CAD softwares. (LIVE)

Sewist CAD offers a printout of scaled down pattern blocks, in color or monochrome, that can be used for early testing of pattern drafting and for promotion and education purposes. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD has online fabric layout feature, that allows to estimate yardage, save and share variants of layouts. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers export of customisable spec sheets with parametric data, including but not limited to the list of pattern blocks grouped by fabric, their area in cm2 and in2, size measurements, lengths of elements and designer notes. * (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers automatic generation of sewing instructions, including but not limited to small preview of the pattern blocks, auto-generated monochrome technical drawings, list of pattern pieces grouped by fabric, textual instructions on list the steps needed to assemble the garment, graphic visualisation of the said steps. * (LIVE) 

Technical drawings can be downloaded in several graphic formats, and also exported as svgs for further design purposes, such as trying several fabrics on a future garment online. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers extensive video tools, that allow to play a video of the pattern drafting at a set speed within the pattern editor, in order to better understand and control pattern drafting process. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers export of a pattern script as a pattern drafting guide in the form of PDF or e-book, that can be further used for sale or for educational purposes. * (live in BETA, release in 2018) 

Sewist CAD features generating a presentation or a video of the pattern drafting process, with comments on the steps with the help of the lexical interpreter and designer’s comments. The said videos may be exported in different formats and further used for promotion, education and monetary purposes. * (live in BETA, release in 2018) 

* All downloadable documents, be it instructions, ebooks, presentations, videos etc can be customised according to the designer’s brand book. All documents are automatically translated into several languages. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD offers export of pattern scripts into other formats for other parametric sewing pattern software. (LIVE) 

Sewist CAD has integrated projects that allow users to estimate the quality and fit of patterns, including a comprehensive rating system. (LIVE)

Sewist CAD has integrated job market, aimed at working with translators, designers and pattern testers, as well as built-in message boards and private messages. (LIVE) 

3D mannequin is created on the basis of the main size measurements. A full list of size measurements is created based on statistical data, available for a vast range of heights and girths. (LIVE) 

3D mannequin can be further customised to reflect one’s personal specific measurements, with guidelines on how to measure these, and with comparison to the standard size measurements that correspond to this size group and girths. (LIVE) 

3D mannequin can be further adjusted to reflect asymmetry, posture, specific figure shapes etc. The size measurements are automatically recalculated to reflect the change. (live in BETA, release in 2018) 

3D mannequin can move and make various gestures to test the dynamics of the future garment. (live in BETA, release in 2018) The garment is not programmed in 3D, but in flat pattern drafting mode. The pieces of the garment are assembled according to the assembly script and are ‘tried on’. (live in BETA, release in 2018) 

The program checks if the garment can be easily put on by checking armhole, neckline, waistline, etc; it also checks if the garment may fall down when a person is moving (neckline/shoulder and waist/hip controls); it also checks if the size of the pattern blocks is enough to provide enough freedom when moving, depending on the fabric qualities. (live in BETA, release in 2018)