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About Us

Sewist is a comprehensive community-driven social platform for those who sew and an organising tool for your stash, notions, kits and sewing patterns by other brands.
It is managed by Sewist Sarl, Chemin du Grand-Puits 75, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland.

Our mission is to create a free social network for those whose passion is to sew, quilt, dye fabric, create sewing patterns, clothing, accessories, making designs for fun or going into production.

Anyone registered with Sewist gets full and forever free access to all features provided by the platform: Community Comprehensive user accounts, forums, groups, stash organiser, pattern library, online design tool are at your service. You can become friends with other users, start or join a group, chat in forums, exchange private messages, et cetera.
We would expect a selected number of Sewist members eventually become trusted editors and moderators to help us keep the platform nice and spam-free. Patterns Any member can add a pattern entry to Sewist database. Patterns are united by sources (books, magazines, booklets), or are added by designers themselves. You cannot add actual pattern pictures or scanned pattern pieces if a pattern doesn't belong to you. We shall contact the main brands for permission to post cover pictures for patterns, but this will remain at their discretion. Sources Sources include books, magazines, websites and other sources where patterns may be published. You can add them to your library as well as patterns. Stash Sewist will provide tools for tracking your stash of fabrics and notions, sorted by brand, stretchiness, fiber content and color. Jobs Any pattern designer may post a job announcement on Sewist and request translation, copywriting, illustrating or pattern drafting services. Sewist members who have marked the appropriate skills in their user account can apply and complete the jobs. Testing pattern for a designer is not a job, but a special group. Online stores Any member can open an online store and edit policies, visuals, descriptions etc. You can sell patterns, fabrics, kits and used books/magazines in your store.
If there any other areas you would like to be covered, please let us know :)

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