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Introducción al software de patrones de costura en línea Sewist CAD

You have decided to try out Sewist online pattern designer - an excellent choice! Sewist is the #1 full scale parametric online pattern drafting software. Sewist lets you create any patterns, use size tables for a vast range of sizes, grade your patterns automatically with a click of a mouse, and export them into various formats. Your patterns are stored in the cloud and you can access your work anytime anywhere from any device, provided that you have an internet connection. The software is protected by a patent in several countries, and a registered trade mark.

To start using the program you simply need to create an account at

After you log in to the website, you can proceed right on to the Sewist Online Pattern Designer page. Of course, you may also prefer to explore the other features of Sewist social network first, and have a look at the patterns and books, add them to your pattern library, manage projects and your stash, and chat in forums and groups... but first things first.

In your Designer User Account you will see links to the following sections:
  • Create new pattern - takes you directly to the working space of Pattern Designer
  • Documentation - the list of functions and other information about pattern design language
  • Manual - articles written by Sewist with examples of coding patterns for various styles and size groups
  • Your subscription - in this section you can see the details and/or upgrade your current subscription

  • The next section of links will take you to:

    • My library - the collection of the patterns that you have created.
    • Templates - sewing patterns coded by Sewist staff and other users following the generally accepted pattern drafting methods. You may include a template into your code and base your new project on it.
    • Sample patterns - sewing patterns coded by Sewist staff to demonstrate various drafting features. You may copy the code of these patterns and use it for your new project.
    • Mix-and-Match - an automatic pattern code compiler based on pattern features.
    • Size Guide - information on size measurement constants and anthropometric landmarks.
    • Videos - educational Sewist videos and pattern drafting simulations.

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