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Marcas en patrones de costura

We can now think in terms of pieces instead of points and curves. You can see the outlines of the back and front skirt pieces that you will cut from fabric and sew together. 

Let's look more closely at the side seam. Our curves are  smooth and seamless.  It is likely that one wouldn't be able to tell exactly where the straight line ends and the curve for the side starts. To make sewing easier, it would be great to place a mark here.

Make sure to view documentation on marks - in this manual we cover only the most basic things, but the Sewist software offers much more options regarding types and size of your marks.

For the purposes of this example pattern we can use the most basic T mark and place it on both sides of the point H.

This mark looks to the left, at 180 degrees.

This mark is directed to the right, at 0 degrees.

The default size of the marks is 1 cm, and the default form is T. Here's the result of the code above:

I suggest we add one more mark at the hip level for sewing in a zipper:


I hovered the zipper mark to show its position in the screenshot above.

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