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Selecting fitting for your sewing pattern

The second step is often selecting ease. 4 options are currently available: Semi-fitted, Fitted, Oversize and Bodycon (recommended for knit fabric of small stretchiness or fabrics with elastane).

Here is an overview of the ease depending on the selected option:

Ease around bust9 cm6 cm14 cm3 cm
Ease around waist9 cm7 cm12 cm3.6 cm
Ease around full hips7 cm5 cm10 cm2 cm
Ease around biceps area6 cm6 cm8 cm5 cm

Attention! The given values are technical ease that is used for drafting the original sloper and the actual ease will most likely differ from the given values due to the slope of the back seam, side seams, and the chosen silhouette of the dress and of the sleeves. 

We always recommend getting a free preview of the pattern to estimate the size of the pattern blocks and the style lines before proceeding to a paid order.

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