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Ordering sewing patterns for standard size(s)

At Sewist, we are proud to offer a wide range of standard sizes specifically tailored for fashion designers, fashion design students, and individuals working in ateliers. Our enterprise selection is designed to make starting a collection effortless and convenient. With our extensive range of sewing patterns, you can easily create garments with precise fits and impeccable style.

One of the unique aspects of Sewist is that all our sewing patterns are royalty-free, allowing you to use them not only for personal projects but also for commercial purposes. This means that once you purchase a sewing pattern, you have the freedom to sew garments from it and sell them as you please, without any additional royalties or payouts to Sewist. However, please note that sharing or reselling the sewing pattern itself is not permitted as it is protected by copyright.

With Sewist, you have the opportunity to explore your creativity, build your fashion line, or enhance your atelier's offerings. Our diverse selection of standard sizes and royalty-free sewing patterns provide you with the flexibility and freedom to bring your unique designs to life. Start your sewing journey with Sewist and unlock endless possibilities in the world of fashion.

To order a sewing pattern in your desired size(s), follow these straightforward steps:

On the left side of the screen, you will find a menu. Select the standard size(s) you need by simply clicking on them. If you're unsure about your size, refer to our size guide for assistance.

If you plan to order multiple sizes, take advantage of the great discounts available. Choose the sizes that best suit your needs.

Pay attention to the format options and seam allowances. Make sure to select the correct format and specify your preferred seam allowances.

Once you have made your selections, click the dark-colored button to add the pattern(s) to your cart.

A message will appear alerting you to the successful addition of the sewing pattern(s) to your cart. You can either click the link in the message or use the pink cart icon to proceed to your cart.

In your cart, it's crucial to carefully review the sewing patterns you have selected. Double-check that the sizes and printing formats are correct before proceeding to checkout. This ensures that you receive the right patterns for your sewing projects.

While in the cart, you can make any necessary adjustments or additions. Take your time to ensure everything is accurate and as desired.

If everything looks good, proceed to the checkout. Choose your preferred payment method: PayPal or credit card. Follow the provided instructions to complete your order.

If you need detailed information about the size measurements, click the "Size info" link located right below the size tags. This will provide you with all the necessary details to ensure the right fit for your sewing projects.

Sizes Height Bust girth Underbust girth Waist girth Hip girth Neck girth Upper arm girth Back length to waist
4XS 168cm 66.1'' 72cm 28.3'' 66cm 26'' 58cm 22.8'' 84cm 33.1'' 32.1cm 12.6'' 20.9cm 8.2'' 44.1cm 17.3''
3XS 168cm 66.1'' 76cm 29.9'' 67cm 26.4'' 60cm 23.6'' 86cm 33.9'' 32.5cm 12.8'' 21.7cm 8.5'' 44.2cm 17.4''
2XS 168cm 66.1'' 80cm 31.5'' 68cm 26.8'' 62cm 24.4'' 88cm 34.6'' 32.7cm 12.9'' 22.5cm 8.9'' 44.2cm 17.4''
XS 168cm 66.1'' 84cm 33.1'' 71cm 28'' 64cm 25.2'' 90cm 35.4'' 33.4cm 13.1'' 24.1cm 9.5'' 44.3cm 17.4''
S 168cm 66.1'' 88cm 34.6'' 76cm 29.9'' 68cm 26.8'' 92cm 36.2'' 34.3cm 13.5'' 26.2cm 10.3'' 44.4cm 17.5''
M 168cm 66.1'' 92cm 36.2'' 80cm 31.5'' 74cm 29.1'' 96.1cm 37.8'' 35.1cm 13.8'' 28.3cm 11.2'' 44.6cm 17.5''
L 168cm 66.1'' 96cm 37.8'' 82.1cm 32.3'' 76cm 29.9'' 99.9cm 39.3'' 35.8cm 14.1'' 29.8cm 11.7'' 44.8cm 17.6''
XL 168cm 66.1'' 100cm 39.4'' 87cm 34.3'' 80cm 31.5'' 104cm 40.9'' 36.7cm 14.4'' 31.8cm 12.5'' 45.2cm 17.8''
2XL 168cm 66.1'' 104cm 40.9'' 89cm 35'' 85cm 33.5'' 108cm 42.5'' 37.3cm 14.7'' 33cm 13'' 45.4cm 17.9''
3XL 168cm 66.1'' 108cm 42.5'' 92cm 36.2'' 89cm 35'' 112cm 44.1'' 38cm 14.9'' 34.3cm 13.5'' 45.7cm 18''
4XL 168cm 66.1'' 112cm 44.1'' 97cm 38.2'' 94cm 37'' 118cm 46.4'' 38.9cm 15.3'' 36.3cm 14.3'' 46.2cm 18.2''
5XL 168cm 66.1'' 116cm 45.7'' 102cm 40.2'' 99cm 39'' 121cm 47.6'' 40cm 15.8'' 37.7cm 14.8'' 46.8cm 18.4''
6XL 168cm 66.1'' 120cm 47.2'' 105.1cm 41.4'' 103cm 40.6'' 124.1cm 48.8'' 40.4cm 15.9'' 38.6cm 15.2'' 47.1cm 18.5''
7XL 168cm 66.1'' 124cm 48.8'' 108.1cm 42.5'' 108cm 42.5'' 128.1cm 50.4'' 41cm 16.1'' 39.5cm 15.5'' 47.4cm 18.7''
8XL 168cm 66.1'' 128cm 50.4'' 113.1cm 44.5'' 112cm 44.1'' 132.1cm 52'' 41.9cm 16.5'' 40.7cm 16'' 48.2cm 19''
9XL 168cm 66.1'' 132cm 52'' 117cm 46.1'' 118cm 46.5'' 136cm 53.5'' 42.6cm 16.8'' 41.6cm 16.4'' 48.6cm 19.1''

Additionally, remember that you can also order patterns for your own personal sizes if needed. Explore the options available to cater to your specific measurements.

By following these instructions and carefully reviewing your cart before checkout, you'll be able to confidently order the patterns you desire and embark on your sewing journey. Happy sewing!

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