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How to order sewing patterns for individual size measurements

You can also get sewing patterns made to measure for your personal size measurements.

Do not select any standard sizes, or deselect all if anything was selected previously.

Open the section Enter your measurements on the right and enter your size measurements in cm or inches (remember to select the correct units at the bottom).

For more information in Full hip, please click the link in the field:

You may want to get a free preview of the pattern first. 

When you are ready to order, select the required format and choose whether you need your sewing pattern to be drafted with or without seam allowances:

Add the pattern to the cart by clicking the dark button:

You may click the link in the system alert or use the pink cart icon to proceed to cart.

Make sure to check the measurements, the format and the seam allowance settings in the cart. 

Check out using PayPal or credit card. The pattern will arrive by email within 10-15 minutes.

In case the email with the pattern gets lost on the way, you may use the page Download my pattern to retrieve it from the website using a temporary link. You will need the email address that you used when ordering the pattern and the 5-digit order number (you will find it in PayPal payment details or the credit card payment confirmation sent to you by Stripe).

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