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Saving a personal size

You may save multiple personal sizes in your account. 

To save a size, please go to Sewist CAD / My sizes and add a new size using the form on the LEFT.

For now Women's sizes are available. 

The following data are required:

Your total height - (limited to range between 140-200 cm (55"-78") 
Bust girth - (limited to range 50-150 cm (20"-59") 
Underbust girth - (limited to range 50-150 cm (20"-59")
Waist girth - (limited to range 50-150 cm (20"-59")
Hip girth - (limited to range 50-160 cm (20"-63")
Full hip girth - please see the figure below for more information.

Hip measurement is taken around hips and the measurement tape is put to your skin. This is the actual hips circumference. Full hip measurement is measured taking into account belly protuberance and is always more than hip measurement. You can take the full hip measurement while holding something vertically next to your tummy (e.g. a ruler) and measuring at the same level as you would when measuring hips, around the buttocks and hips and than to the ruler, which means you take the measurement tape off your skin and it passes around the ruler in the air.

Once the size is processed, it can be used for ordering sewing patterns from the design page, or for drafting patterns for this size in PRO mode.

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