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Previewing and Measuring Your Sewing Pattern in PRO Mode of Sewist CAD

Previewing the Sewing Pattern:

Previewing your sewing pattern before making a purchase is a valuable step to ensure it meets your desired fit and preferences. In PRO mode, you have the opportunity to assess the pattern's suitability for your needs and make informed decisions. Here's how you can preview and measure your sewing pattern:

  • After selecting your desired size and customizing the layout, take a moment to examine the sewing pattern on the screen. This preview shows you exactly how the sewing pattern will be delivered to you.

  • Consider your personal preferences and requirements. Some sewists prefer more ease in their garments, while others prefer a snug fit. Take note of how the sewing pattern looks and evaluate if it aligns with your desired style and fit.

  • Pay attention to the actual size of the sewing pattern pieces and their measurements. It's essential to consider the width of fabric you plan to use for your project. This is particularly important when working with sewing pattern pieces that require a significant amount of fabric, such as a full-length circular skirt.

Ensure that the fabric you have chosen is wide enough to accommodate the size of the sewing pattern pieces without any limitations or compromises. This consideration will help you determine if the sewing pattern is suitable for your fabric and project requirements. By taking the fabric width into account, you can ensure a smooth and successful sewing process without any unexpected challenges or limitations.

Measuring Distances on the Sewing Pattern:

  • To measure distances between specific points on the pattern, you can activate the ruler. Look for the button with a measuring icon - - and click on it.

  • Once the ruler is activated, click twice on the screen to measure the distance accurately. You can click on any two points on the pattern, such as the sleeve or the waistline, to determine the distance between them.

  • The ruler works with both centimeters (cm) and inches, allowing you to choose the unit of measurement that you are most comfortable with.

  • To deactivate the ruler and hide the measurements on your sewing pattern, simply click on the measuring icon again. This will toggle off the ruler functionality and remove the displayed measurements from the screen.

Returning to the Editor:

  • If you need to make additional modifications to your sewing pattern or explore different design options, you have the flexibility to return to the editor. Simply locate the puzzle icon - - in the top navigation on the right side of the screen.

  • Clicking on this puzzle icon will allow you to access the editor again, where you can make changes, adjustments, or try out alternative designs. This gives you the flexibility to try different designs and variations before finalizing your selection.

Remember, previewing and measuring your sewing pattern gives you valuable insights into how it will fit and whether it aligns with your fabric and sewing project specifications. Take advantage of the ruler to measure distances accurately, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.

Enjoy exploring and finding the perfect sewing pattern for your next project!

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