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Customizing Your Sewing Pattern in PRO Mode of Sewist CAD

Sometimes, you may find that certain sewing pattern pieces are not necessary for your project or that you want to save on paper by excluding specific elements such as facings or rectangular plackets. In PRO mode, you have the flexibility to customize your sewing pattern by removing unwanted pieces. Here are a couple of options to consider:

Removing Unwanted Sewing Pattern Pieces

  • Click on the sewing pattern piece you wish to delete. This will select the piece.

  • Click on the delete icon - - to remove the selected sewing pattern piece from your layout.

By selectively removing sewing pattern pieces, you can simplify your sewing process and focus on the elements you need for your specific project. It's a great way to save on paper and streamline your sewing pattern.

Reloading the Original Sewing Pattern

  • If you want to start over and revert to the initial design of the sewing pattern, click on the refresh icon - .

This option allows you to reset any modifications or changes you've made and restore the sewing pattern to its original layout. It's helpful if you decide to reconsider your modifications or explore different approaches without losing the original sewing pattern design.

Remember, customizing your sewing pattern is all about tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences. Feel free to experiment, remove unnecessary pieces, and make the sewing pattern uniquely yours!

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