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Selecting size group and size measurements

size group
size measurements
Sewist pattern design software currently uses the following size groups:
  1. Women
  2. Men
  3. Girls
  4. Boys
  5. Babies
  6. Dolls

  7. The size group by default is Women, but you can change it by clicking the mannequin icon (see an example below).

    For the five first groups, Sewist offers an extensive database of size measurements, based on the statistical research in various countries. All size measurements are assigned a numerical name formatted as "sz" + number of the size measurement, for example sz1 for total height. You can see the full list of the size measurements at this link.

    For dolls group, we will have measurement stored for dolls and mannequins of leading brands.

    Once you select a size group and click the save button , the preferred size group will be stored in the pattern. This defines the set of the size measurements you can use and their limits. In your pattern library, you can filter patterns by size groups.

    You may choose the size in which you wish to preview your pattern by clicking the size measurement icon. For example, when working with size group "Women", the system will suggest to choose the total height, then the bust girth, and then the hip girth. The set of these three measurements will define the set of size measurements from the database, and the set will comprise all 122 size measurements listed in documentation.

    Choosing a size at this stage does not mean that you won't be able to change it for other sizes later. It is just your current working size. If you want to preview your current pattern in another size, simply choose another set of measurements using this button.

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