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Point(x,y). Referring to size measurements.

We are going to begin looking into functions starting with the simplest ones.

The first one places a point at the given coordinates by x and y. It is function point(x,y)

We recommend you read docs on function point and  watch our Youtube video about it.

Now that you have done either of these, or both, let's dive into several examples and create several points. Let us draw the basic grid for a skirt pattern.

The first point is just a basis for our future pattern. Let it have the name P1. Remember, you should always give a name to your point when you use command point(x,y).


Important: To see your scenario play out in the visual window, press button that will save your code and draft the pattern, or that will only redraft, but won't rewrite the code in the database.

Now let's place another point, that would be to the right from the first one, at the distance of one half of hip girth plus ease allowance. To refer to hip girth we need sz19 and we need to divide it by two, as we are going to draft one half of a skirt. Let's say the ease allowance is 2 cm.

The x coordinate of P2 is going to be by one half of hip girth plus ease allowance of 2 cm FURTHER to the right, than the x coordinate of point P1. The y coordinate is the same, so the points will be horizontally on the same level.

The next point will be in between them. Let's say we shall place the side seam so that it divides the skirt exactly in half. It is not always accurate for all sizes and shapes, but for the sake of this manual we are keeping things simple. 

The x coordinate of P3 is going to be FURTHER to the right, than the x coordinate of point P1 by exactly half the distance between points P1 and P2. The y coordinate is the same, so the points will be horizontally on the same level.

Now let's define how long the skirt will be. Let's say knee length, so probably sz7 (waist height) minus sz9 (height of knee point). We are moving down now, so we shall be using the Y axis.

The x coordinate of P4 is the same as that of P1. The y coordinate of P4 is more, so further down, than P1, by sz7-sz9.

And we are completing the grid by placing point P5 at the lower end of center front:


and P6 at the lower end of side seam:


Let's see what we get. This is the result of this code for height 170 cm, bust 92 cm and hips 100 cm:

And this is the result for 146/76/82 cm:

Since we have created a parametric draft using size measurements, the pattern gets redrafted automatically once we choose another size.

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