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Cómo calcular la longitud de la tela para su patrón de costura

You can estimate fabric length online for a standard size or your personal size measurements. You don't have to make a paid order, a free preview will suffice. 

Registered users may access online fabric estimation tool from the Order history on our website.

The tool will usually have two tabs - Main fabric and Interfacing.

When first loaded, the tool will offer a yardage for fabric of 140 cm width, with all patterns in one direction. 

The following actions are available:

1) Move pattern blocks around to lay them out on fabric. Make sure pattern blocks don’t overlap.
2) To select multiple pattern blocks, hold down Shift key and select the blocks. You can now move them together. To deselect, please any other pattern block.
3) You can rotate any pattern block by 180 degrees by simply double-clicking it.

The current yardage is shown right above the fabric preview, on the right:

4) You can copy pattern blocks by clicking the “Copy block” button. To paste the copied block, please navigate to required tab and use the “Paste block” button. You can copy blocks onto same fabric, or from main fabric onto lining tab etc. To mirror them, please use the “Mirror block” button if required. Please check the pattern instructions to make sure that the lining tab contains all elements.
5) In case you notice any mistakes or missing pieces, please let us know. We shall see to fixing the pattern script asap.
6) You may select either centimeters or inches as the preferred metric units:

The same tab in inches:

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