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Online Sewing Pattern Designer - Sewist CAD Clothing Patterns

Our Online Sewing Pattern Designer makes made to measure clothing patterns, in seconds.

  • No previous experience in clothing sewing pattern drafting is required
  • Our expert sewing pattern designers make sure your sewing pattern is correct!
  • Download a free dress sewing pattern before ordering a paid one!
  • Pattern downloads in multiple standard sizes, or personal sizes
  • Royalty-free patterns to sew and sell bespoke garments for clients with unique sizes
  • Instructions are available in multiple languages before purchase
  • Online yardage estimation tool
  • Tech flats in vector format and specifications are provided with every pattern
Sewist CAD is a patented free online 2D/3D CAD software for drafting clothing sewing patterns in cloud.
  • Parametric design of garment patterns
  • Professional pattern templates for easy start
  • Free unlimited downloads of any sewing pattern you design yourself
  • Download in various PDF formats, SVG and DXF
  • Customized size measurements for women, men and children from 4XS to 9XL
  • Royalty-free patterns to sew and sell, or print on demand, or sell patterns online

  • I just wanted to say thank you for providing access to so many sewing patterns that will actually fit me! Why has this not been done earlier! I just today made your pattern and it fit perfectly. This really does change everything in sewing for me as I have had such a hard time getting patterns to fit me, and having to adjust everything after the initial sewing, or making muslins.


  • These patterns are now my most favorite patterns to work with so far. I've been professionally sewing for 20 years. In the past if my plus size clients wanted any custom clothing that was not boxy I had to upgrade a smaller pattern or to draft the pattern myself which took a lot of time and I had to charge my clients more, but using your patterns I can still make my custom clothing affordable. Using your patterns for this client has now increased my sale from one custom outfit to 5. Thank you, thank you!


  • I just wanted to say that this custom pattern worked out perfectly! I am using it for a pageant interview outfit for Mrs. Nebraska. She had an idea for a dress, but was unavailable for me to measure her. My coworker took the measurements, and the sloper fit perfectly. I will definitely use your patterns again and again. Thank you so much for your help!


  • Your program is great. I have already made a fitted woven top and it fit me perfectly. I am so impressed!


  • I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am to have found your site. I’ve just made my first jacket from one of your patterns. I found it easy, it went together like a dream, and fits beautifully. I can’t wait to make more!


  • I just have to tell you that my clients are going nuts over your patterns. I have downloaded a few of your patterns and making some clothing for myself and one other custom client. While my alteration clients are coming in to get their ready made clothes altered they are seeing the clothing from the patterns I purchased take shape and all are saying "WOW!" I want some custom clothing. I plan on making more clothing from your patterns to show off on mannequins for my alter clients to see as they come in.


  • I just wanted to send you all a message to say how amazing your software is. It’s really incredible/powerful and i’m so glad i found it on the web !


  • I just wanted to let you know how absolutely shocked I was when I sewed a muslin up, of a blouse I just purchased from you with custom measurements and it fit absolutely perfect!!!! I am so flabbergasted that there was absolutely no adjustments necessary and believe me I always have to alter patterns. I have no use for any other commercial patterns. You have a customer for life. Thank you for this brilliant concept of custom measurements per pattern!!


  • I'm a computer programmer by profession. I got into sewing a few years ago. When I discovered your software a few days ago, I was totally euphoric! My 2 passions combined! I know that IT development is something particularly complex, that's why I totally admire all this work done (by women moreover!) Thank you very much :)


  • I made up a blouse from the first pattern I got (a free one) and I am very happy with it - it fits perfectly! Thank you.


  • I am a little apprehensive of purchasing several patterns to achieve the look I am wanting and mixing them together for fear of different pattern pieces not fitting in with each other (I am new to sewing so simplest is best!) I have made a couple of items from your site using your patterns and so far have been very impressed with how simple it has been to do, thank you!


  • To be able to have confidence in your cutting and sewing and not have to worry about fit is enormously helpful. I am so excited about trying more of your patterns. So thank you for everything you are doing on this website. I am so glad I found you.

    L Brown

  • Thank you very much for sending the pattern. In the Czech Republic, I have not yet encountered such a customized adjustment for free. Great!


  • I buy a lot from you, I love the measures, fits perfect to me. Thanks a lot!


  • I can't believe how fabulous your site is. It's a dream come true.


  • As a plus size woman, I've always struggled to find patterns for clothes that actually fit me. When I stumbled upon Sewist app, it felt like a ray of sunshine! Sewist offers so many sewing patterns for women of all sizes and I am so grateful!


  • All the other available patterns on the market have been geared towards extremely thin people and it's absolutely frustrating. Now I have more options and can finally express myself through my sewing by making clothing that actually fits me. Thank you!


  • I am a curvier woman and I just love the way that Sewist has opened the door for me to celebrate my curves instead of hiding them. I can finally sew clothes that fit and make me feel confident in my own skin. Thank you, Sewist!


Online Sewing Pattern Designer is finally here! Draft custom fitting sewing patterns at the touch of a button. Choose from our range of basic blocks, customise the fit and add design elements in real time. All patterns are made to measure for your size measurements by our expert designers.

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Sewist CAD is a patented 2D/3D CAD software for drafting sewing patterns online in cloud for FREE. Our mix-and-match online sewing pattern designer offers more than a trillion of garment ideas. Our expert designers are happy to develop made to measure sewing patterns for any of the styles you design. The patterns are royalty free - you can sew and sell!

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We're pleased to introduce an exciting addition to Sewist CAD: wrap tops! Following the popularity of our wrap dresses, we've expanded our pattern library to include a range of stylish and versatile wrap top designs. With our new wrap tops, you'll find a variety of neckline options, including scalloped and heart shapes, along with jacket-style and shawl collars for added versatility. Customize your look further with princess seam options, darts, and a selection of sleeve styles to suit your ... read more →